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Tractor Trailer Aerodynamics

DieselMisers has long been an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of tractor-trailer aerodynamics devices.

Aerodynamics For the Trailer: Since 2012, DieselMisers has been the manufacturer and master licensee of the Kodiak Innovations line of fuel-saving aerodynamic products. Benefits of the Kodiak products include:

• class-leading aerodynamic effectiveness for maximum fuel savings

• California CARB approved and EPA SmartWay Verified

• lightweight design for maximum payload on the trailer

• extremely durable design makes them nearly indestructible

• affordable upfront cost for a fast ROI

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Bumper Bullet
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DieselMisers Video Files - available as both YouTube videos or downloadable files
AeroCurtain Trailer Skirts
AirPlow Demonstrations
Bumper Bullet - Abusive Testing
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Aerodynamics for the the on-road tractor: DieselMisers partners with Airodyne Industries to provide exceptional fuel savings through the use of aerodynamic tractor roof fairings. Through its partnership with Airodyne, DieslMisers can provide high-quality, optimized aerodynamic solutions that cover the entire tractor-trailer, yielding a combined fuel savings of over 20% at highway speeds.

Airodyne Industries

For more information, and to find out how DieselMisers can help your fleet maximize fuel savings with aerodynamcs, contact DieselMisers today!

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