DieselMisers, Inc.

About DieselMisers, Inc.

DieselMisers was founded in 2009 as a “one-stop-shop” for tractor-trailer fuel-efficiency products, acting as distributor of a wide variety of products including aerodynamic devices, devices to reduce the trucks rolling resistance, and systems that reduce truck idling time and fuel consumption.

Early Days of DieselMisers

Over the years, DieselMisers came to focus more and more on it's core manufacturing business, eventually manufacturing and marketing an exclusive line of aerodynamic products for truck fuel efficiency (the Kodiak Innovations line of products). Today, DieselMisers manufactures the Kodiak aerodynamics products for fleet customers, and also offers licensing opportunities for these products to other manufacturers.

In 2012, based on their heavy-duty industrial engineering and marketing experience, DieselMisers was presented with the opportunity to work with some of its known and trusted suppliers to develop a special-purpose air conditioner for use in industrial overhead crane cabs. DieselMisers formed a “cab-cooling division”, and over the next 3 years DieselMisers engineers worked with suppliers and customers to perfect the product that came to be known as the “Polar Vortex” crane cab air conditioner. Today the Polar Vortex is used to cool cabs in the toughest industrial and manufacturing conditions – most commonly in overhead steel mill cranes.

So whether you are a trucking fleet looking to reduce its fuel consumption through aerodynamics, or a manufacturer looking for a highly durable and specialized air conditioner for industrial overhead crane cabs, contact DieselMisers today for the highest quality products to advance your operations!

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