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Interested in learning more about the science behind improvements in truck fuel economy? Want to understand the new regulations regarding truck fuel economy, or find some organizations who work to improve the fuel efficiency of diesel trucks? Just click on any of the links below. THERE'S A LOT OF INFORMATION OUT THERE, and WE'RE HERE TO HELP you sort it all out.

Here's a synopsis of the California Air Resource Board's regulations that require all trucks and trailers that drive in California (not just those that are based there) to have fuel saving modifications.

Environmental Protection Agency SealThis is an index of the EPA's Federal laws regarding diesel fuel emissions for all trucks and trailers operating on US highways.

This is an in-depth scientific study conducted by the US Department of Energy in partnership with the Truck Manufacturing Association, which evaluated various aerodynamic, fuel-saving enhancements on trucks and trailers.

Here is an article by the Union of Concerned Scientists discussing the value of after-market enhancements to heavy diesel trucks and trailers.

This fact sheet, compiled by the US Environmental Protection Agency, discusses the health and environmental impact of the trucking industry's consumption of diesel fuel.

A synopsis of a series of tests performed on truck/trailer aerodynamic enhancements performed in Canada in 2006.

  The EPA Smartway Program is a joint public/private endeavor to improve the fuel economy of       the US trucking fleet, offering incentives and financing for participating entities.

Southeastern DieselA part of the EPA's clean diesel program, the Southeast Diesel Collaberative is a public/private venture that seeks to reduce harmful diesel fuel emissions.

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