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HandshakeAt DieselMisers, we understand that times are tough in the trucking industry. We know that this is a difficult time to make an investment in your fleet, and WERE HERE TO HELP. We'll keep it simple, and we'll make SOME SIMPLE GUARANTEES:

  • Fast ROI (return on investment): our products and systems will pay for themselves in fuel savings in as little as  four months (ask for details - varies with every application).
  • Our prices are the best around....period. You won't find a better price on these products anywhere.
  • If you use our optional installation services (Mobile Mod Squad teams), we'll get the work done on time and on budget... and we can almost always do it for LESS THAN IT WOULD COST YOU TO DO IT YOURSELF.
  • FINANCING IS NOT A PROBLEM! We work closely with financing companies that will spread out your investment over several years. If you finance your upgrades through us, we'll promise you a POSITIVE CASH FLOW FROM DAY ONE.

Product Pricing

Yes, it really is that simple. Take the next step and contact us today to set up a complimentary efficiency analysis. Let us show you how to start saving fuel and money on every trip.

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